Of course I can


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Made in response to another artist in a series of 12 pieces made as part of a round of Bananaphone during the first 6 weeks of COVID-19 social distancing. The inspiration for this piece came from a piece by Lynora, which depicted an illustration of a woman wearing a gas mask and clutching several jars of food and the words “of course I can” with course emphasized. This piece was made early on during the stay at home orders, while there was a flurry of supply-hoarding and general uncertainty about the sturdiness of the supply chain in the zeitgeist. My response features a woman ascending a series of obstacles with a large backpack and a shield over her face. Out of the backpack explodes a stock of supplies that are not exactly required for human survival, but sure make life more pleasant (candlesticks, cloth napkins, nice plates). I was thinking about what niceties and traditions get dropped while we’re in survival mode, and what we hold onto. I was hoping this piece would convey a spirit of resilience.

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